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Tips, Tricks, and Products to Minimize Your Dog’s New Year’s Eve Anxiety

New Year’s Eve is the time to keep your pet inside! Loud noises during scary events like fireworks and thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your poor dog. You can help relieve some of your pet’s nervousness with a few simple techniques and practices. Check out these 10 tips and tricks to reduce pet anxiety on New Year's Eve and keep your dog safe and happy this holiday, including natural remedies to reduce stress and anxiety in even the most high-strung pets.

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration, making resolutions, and anxiety for dogs and other pets. Loud noises from fireworks, music, and parties can agitate even the bravest dog. But you can help relieve some of your pet’s nervousness with a few simple tricks. Check out these 10 tips and tricks to reduce dogs’ anxiety New Year’s Eve and keep your dog safe and happy this holiday, including natural remedies to reduce stress and anxiety in even the most high-strung pets.


New Year's Eve treats to keep your dog calm


1.    Remain Calm Yourself

Your dog can sense your emotions, so they are more likely to remain calm if you are also at ease. Petting your dog and talking in a soothing tone can help keep them relaxed during the height of the festivities.


This goes for other people in your household. Having a party or guests over can cause more stress for your pet. If you are having people over, consider keeping your pets in a separate room and following some of the other tips below.


2.    Give Your Dog a Special Space

Canines instinctively want to find shelter when scared. Providing them with a quiet space to escape from the chaos can relieve anxiety brought on by the holiday commotion, especially if you are having a party or live in an area with a lot of neighborhood or outside noise.


Your dog prefers a familiar space with everyday smells, such as their crate, kennel, or bed. But a basement or closet can provide more soundproofing. Enclosed spaces give dogs a sense of security. The feeling dates back to when ancient dogs were raised and lived in dens, typically only big enough for their families.


Your pets feel safer in familiar spaces with reduced noise


3.    Turn on the Radio, Television, or White-Noise Machine

While no noise can completely cover the sound of fireworks, the constant sound can distract pups from the sudden explosions. Put on soothing music, a calming television show, or a white-noise machine a few hours before dark to help them get used to the pacifying sounds before the commotion.


4.    Exercise Them Early in the Day

One of the best ways to keep your dog calm in the evening is to tire them out during the day. Dogs with less energy are less prone to freak out during the festivities. With enough exercise, your pup may sleep through the party and fireworks. Depending on your dog’s age, health, and typical energy levels, you should keep them active for 30 minutes to two hours.


Exercise also releases endorphins that can keep your pet happy and content even during stressful periods. Endorphins ease anxiety and decrease barking, whining, and destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture.


5.    Distract With Toys or Treats

Like calming noise, you can distract your pet with something fun or delicious. If your dog is too busy with toys and treats, they may not care if there’s a party in the other room or fireworks blasting in the distance.


Regarding toys, something that squeaks or makes noise can be more distracting than a quiet one. For treats, you should choose one that takes longer than a couple of minutes to finish. Combine the two by picking a toy you can fill with a treat for a long-lasting and tasty good time.


Similarly, our CBD-infused doggie beer bones help relieve anxiety. Select one of our healthy, all-natural lines of treats in a dosage size that matches your dog’s weight. Available in peanut butter and soft-baked bacon treats, including our latest collaboration with Sublime and our Lou Dog CBD Bites.


The holiday treat to reduce your dog's anxiety


6.    Go to Someplace Quiet

If your New Year’s Eve plans are hanging with your pet, you may consider escaping the chaos. A drive to the country or a less noisy place could be the best place to celebrate the New Year.


Before your drive, check where your town or city plans to shoot fireworks. Downtown, beaches, and parks are popular places for festivities. But woods and other rural areas are typically quieter during NYE.


7.    Natural Calming Aids

Some products can naturally ease your dog’s angst. For instance, lavender and other essential oils in a diffuser can calm dogs experiencing anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity. Just make sure there’s circulation and fresh air in the room.


CBD-infused dog treats are great relaxers for anxious pups. Dogs are also more inclined to eat a treat than anti-anxiety prescription medications, especially when flavored as peanut butter or bacon.


Calming shirts, anxiety vests, and anti-stress jackets are natural remedies that apply gentle and continual pressure on your dog’s rib cage. It would be best to introduce the fitted wrap during a non-stressful time, so they do not associate the item with unpleasant times.


CBD-infused dog treats can keep your pup calm


8.    Desensitize Your Pet With Loud Noises

If this is your pup’s first New Year’s Eve, consider getting them used to loud noises before the holiday. You can find videos of fireworks and even holiday parties online or during movies and play them in the weeks and days before the end of the year at increasing volumes.


9.    Designate a Dog Watcher

Your dog has no idea that fireworks and loud party-goers are the results of a holiday celebration. And being left alone may make them panic more than if you or someone else were with them. If you can’t be with your dog, consider asking a family member, friend, or pet sitter to stay with and calm your pet.


10. Just in Case: Update Their Tags

Pets can do unexpected things when they are scared, including running away. Even if the noise comes from outside, your dog may dart out an open door in a desperate move to find safety. Before the big day, ensure their tag, tracker, and collar are up to date with your contact information.


You can also pick up GPS pet trackers for as little as $10 to help locate your dog quickly should they escape.


Doggie Beer Bones are a natural, anti-anxiety treat!


Our Lou Dog CBD Bites contain 5mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and are packed with nutritious ingredients including fishmeal, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin, and carrot. They are a perfect natural calming remedy for anxious dogs on New Year’s Eve.

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