It Starts with
Quality Ingredients

Here at Doggie Beer Bones, we make dog treats crafted with sustainability and pet wellness in mind. We only use the best ingredients and offer several types of treats for every type of dog. Our flagship crunchy treats are centered around the use of malted barley from the brewing process and come in two flavors, all-natural peanut butter and turmeric.


Our soft-baked treats also come in two flavors, bacon and pumpkin. These treats are grain-free and packed with Essential Fatty Acids from ocean fish meal and flaxseed meal. They also contain a nutritious amount of brewer’s yeast which is a high-quality source of essential amino acids and protein, rich in minerals, and B-complex vitamins. Brewer’s Yeast promotes healthy gut microbiome, skin, hair, eyes, and liver function, and can also help reduce stress and calm nerves.


100% Grain-Free – Our soft-baked dog treats have been specially formulated for our furry friends on a grain free diet. These treats are soft-baked with zero grains, and zero fillers such as legumes, potato flour, lentils, pea flour, corn, and soy. Our soft-baked bacon dog treats are just what the doctor ordered for our grain-sensitive best friends!


CBD Infusion! We also offer a line of CBD infused products that include a version of our grain-free soft baked bacon treats. Each treat has 5mg of full-spectrum CBD oil harvested from U.S. grown hemp farms. In addition, we have a line of CBD infused peanut butter that come in 16 ounce jars at three strength levels; 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg per jar. We have these products independently tested for potency and purity by Infinite Chemical Analysis here in San Diego to ensure your dog is getting the right amount of CBD based on their weight. Our CBD products are formulated with all dog breeds in mind, to naturally aid with anxiety and inflammation-based pain in dogs.


How Our Treats are Made

Mashing the Barley

Before the Bone is born the brewing process begins by “mashing” malted barley in warm water. During this time, the starch in the barley is broken down and converted into fermentable sugars.

Spent Grain Separation

Next, this sugary water is separated from the barley and drained into the boil kettle, where it will eventually become beer. At this point, the barley, being rinsed of its sugars, is now considered “spent grain” and is separated and removed from the brewing process.

Baking The Bones

Once relieved of its starchy, sugary goodness, this spent grain can now be baked into tasty little morsels. We collect the spent grain from breweries and bake it into dog treats in our FDA-approved commercial kitchen. Once baked, our treats are packaged in resealable stand-up pouches ready to be shipped to you!

Dog Tested, Owner Approved

Results are In!

Dogs love Doggie Beer Bones! As proud dog owners ourselves, we are personally vested in making a product guaranteed to keep their noses wet and tails wagging.  Take a look at each bag of Doggie Beer Bones, and you’ll see that we keep a close eye on the nutritional content of each treat through our NutriData analysis. Rest assured—when it comes to top-quality, we are “fur real!”

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