We love Dogs. We love Dog Wellness.

Meet David Crane, the passionate dog lover who’s been at the helm of Doggie Beer Bones since 2010. But let’s rewind a bit. At Doggie Beer Bones, we’re not just dog enthusiasts; we’re all about canine wellness, and here’s how it all began.


We had a love for two things: our furry companions and crafting our own beer. It was in the midst of our brewing adventures that we stumbled upon a brilliant idea. We were searching for a way to give a new life to our spent brewing grains, a way to make them as enjoyable as the cold brews they first contributed to. So, we rolled up our sleeves, put our love for dogs and wellness at the forefront, and began repurposing these spent grains into something extraordinary.


Those very first spent grain dog treats were whipped up in our kitchen, and our neighbors, friends, and family dogs became some of the luckiest taste-testers around. The response was nothing short of astonishing. Dogs and their owners alike were thrilled, and it was then, in early 2010, that Doggie Beer Bones came to life.


Our journey didn’t stop there. Before we knew it, we were collaborating with some of our favorite craft breweries, using the spent grain as a key ingredient in our crunchy dog treats. This innovative twist not only added unique flavors to our treats but also embodied our commitment to sustainability.


Over time, we expanded our range to create custom-branded dog treats for various breweries. But our quest for innovation didn’t stop at brewing grains. We recognized that our four-legged friends sometimes need extra care and attention, particularly when dealing with anxiety or joint issues. This commitment to canine wellness led us to introduce CBD-infused dog treats and CBD-infused peanut butter to our product menu, offering a holistic approach to your pet’s wellness.


In our pursuit of providing for dogs’ diverse needs, we also cater to those who may be grain-sensitive or have had dental work done. Our soft-baked, grain-free bacon and pumpkin treats have become a favorite among dogs seeking a gentler, yet delicious snack. At Doggie Beer Bones, we’ve made it our mission to ensure every dog, regardless of their unique requirements, can enjoy our treats and experience the joy of good health and taste, one bite at a time.


At Doggie Beer Bones, we’ve woven our passion for dogs, wellness, and sustainability into every treat we craft. With David Crane steering the ship, we continue to dedicate ourselves to the happiness, health, and tail-wagging joy of our four-footed family members.



Upcycled Ingredients from the Brewing Process
Brewing Grains

Brewing Grains

No Alcohol or Hops
Low Calorie

Low Calorie

High Nutrition
No preservatives

No preservatives

We only use natural preservatives

dog treats, biscuit and roscoe


Our Commitment to Sustainability


It’s a fact: excellent ingredients make excellent dog treats. Our treats are tested for quality after being baked in a commercial-grade kitchen so you know you’re getting the best in every bag of Doggie Beer Bones! We only use natural preservatives standard to the pet food industry like Mixed Tocopherols and Rosemary Extract. These ingredients aid in a longer shelf life and keep our treats at peak freshness!


Our Commitment to Quality


  • Natural Ingredients – We use only natural preservatives, such as mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract, to extend shelf life. We’re picky when it comes to the spent grain we use. We always ensure there is no wheat


  • Product Testing – We trust independent third-party test labs and adhere to the guidelines set out by AAFCO Pet Food Nutritional Analysis to ensure the best for your pet!


  • Sustainable Packaging – As far as possible, we use recyclable mailers to ship our treats to customers. We also repurpose product containers, like the bins that we get our peanut butter in, which we turn into spent grain buckets. We reuse those bins when freezing fresh spent grain for future batches.