We love Dogs. We love Dog Wellness.

We also love brewing our own beer and we were looking for a way to reuse our spent brewing grains. We started repurposing it by baking it into spent grain dog treats. We gave these to our dogs (Biscuit and Roscoe) and started handing them out in gift bags to our family and friends. The treats were a hit, and we were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response from both dogs and owners—thus, in early 2010, Doggie Beer Bones was born.


Before long, we were collaborating with some of our favorite craft breweries by using spent grain from the breweries as an ingredient in our crunchy dog treats. Since then, we have grown to create uniquely branded dog treats and pet food toppers for several different breweries and pet wellness companies alike.


Then we added CBD-infused dog treats and CBD-infused peanut butter to our product menus to treat our four-footed friends with anxiety and joint issues.


dog treats, biscuit and roscoe


Our Commitment to Sustainability


We love this planet, so we try to be better when it comes to leaving less of a footprint where we can. Sustainability at Doggie Beer Bones means using ingredients like the spent brewing grain from the brewing process. This was the impetus behind our first recipe and continues today. Behind the scenes we repurpose product containers, like the bins we get our peanut butter in. We use these bins to freeze fresh spent grain for future batches of dog treats. We also ship customer orders in recyclable mailers when possible.


Our Commitment to Quality


  • Natural Ingredients – We source all of our ingredients domestically and use only natural preservatives, such as mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract, to extend the shelf life of our products. We’re picky when it comes to our spent grain and always ensure there is no wheat in any batch we procure.


  • Product Testing – We trust and use independent third-party testing labs for our Guaranteed Analysis and potency and purity testing. Doggie Beer Bones adheres to the guidelines set out by AAFCO Pet Food Nutritional Analysis to ensure the most nutritious treat for your pet.