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Hanukkah: 8 Great Gifts and Treats For Dogs

Hanukkah is an extraordinary time of the year for those of the Jewish faith, including eight days of celebration in the month of December. This is often called Hanukkah but is also known as the Festival of Lights. If this is something that you celebrate, you may want to include your dog in the Hanukkah festivities.


The good news is that you can enjoy celebrating Hanukkah with your furry friends in many ways. Because this is such an essential time of the year, you don’t want to leave your dog out of the fun. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Hanukkah gifts and treats for dogs so that they are included in this celebration.


1. Hanukkah Dog Collar


Hanukkah is the perfect time to embrace the season and dress your dog in a festive way. A great way of doing this is to get your dog a Hanukkah-inspired dog collar. These callers often include traditional Jewish symbols such as shammashs, Maccabees, and Dreidels.


If you plan on taking your dog out and about during this eight-day celebration, this is a great way to make them stand out. It is also a perfect option if you don’t want to dress your dog up in any costume.


treats for dogs


2. Menorah Dog Costume


Speaking of costumes for dogs, this is another option dog owners have if you are celebrating Hanukkah. Remember that not every dog will do well dressed up in a costume since it can be stressful or overwhelming. You will want to test this with your dog to see how they respond and whether it makes them uncomfortable.


If your dog doesn’t mind being dressed up, you can purchase them a menorah dog costume to get them in the spirit of things. Menorah costumes come in a variety of options depending on the theme and the size of your dog. Menorah hats are especially popular since they make a statement and are guaranteed to make some memories.


3. Matching Hanukkah Pajamas


Another option you have, if you want to dress up your dog for Hanukkah is to get matching Hanukkah-inspired pajamas. This is common for families celebrating Hanukkah since there is no better way to celebrate an important holiday than with matching pajamas! This includes the whole family and provides the perfect backdrop for memorable family photos.


If you are buying matching Hanukkah pajamas this year, a great way to include your dog is by getting them a pair as well. The pajama options are endless and come in a variety of designs and styles depending on what you want. Just make sure the pajamas are not overly hot since you want your dog to be comfortable.


It also isn’t recommended to allow your dog to sleep overnight in these pajamas since they can overheat much more easily. Your dog already has a fur coat, so these pajamas are better for the daytime or for family photos.




4. Peanut Butter Dog Treats


A big part of the eight days of Hanukkah includes enjoying delicious traditional foods. Unfortunately, not all of these foods can be enjoyed by your dog, but you can still make up for that with special dog treats. For instance, you can get your dog some CBD peanut butter specifically made for dogs so that they can also feel special during the month of December.


This CBD Peanut Butter is infused with full-spectrum CBD oil to help your dog feel calm and happy. It is a perfect treat for your dog all on its own, but it is also great when combined with other tasty treats. You can include this in your homemade dog treats or drizzle it over other dog-friendly foods to make them more appealing.


You can also get them traditional Crunchy Peanut Butter Treats as an additional treat option!


5. Hanukkah Plush Toys


Every dog loves plush toys as they are the perfect combination of cuddly and chewy. The good news for dog owners is that there are mini Hanukkah-inspired plush dog toys that make the perfect present for your dog during this important time of the year.


You can find plush toys inspired by the Candelabra, the Gelt, the Shammash, or the Star of David. These toys are adorable, and you can find versions that have squeakers inside or that sing when just the right amount of pressure is applied. This is a festive way of treating your dog and including them in the festivities so that they aren’t left out.


6. Star of David Rope Toys


Most dogs love to play tug of war, which is a great way of tiring them out so that they are relaxed during Hanukkah. A great gift you can give for your dog that adds to this fun is a Star of David rope toy. These toys are easy to find and come in the shape of the star of David, which is perfect when it comes to wrestling with your dog.


7. 8 Nights of Hanukkah Dog Cookies


Some Jewish companies provide specialty dog treats during the eight days of Hanukkah so that you can include your pup in your celebration. A particularly popular treat option is dog cookies inspired by the eight nights of Hanukkah.


These cookies are entirely dog-friendly, and each cookie symbolizes one of the eight days of the celebration. You can treat your dog with one of these cookies each day so that they have something to look forward to and get something special just like everyone else.




8. Menorah Squeaky toys


There are many important traditional symbols involved in Hanukkah, one of which is the menorah. This is a sacred candelabrum that is often used in a Hanukkah celebration.


The menorah makes a wonderful symbol for squeaky toys, especially if it is designed with all nine of the candles. This creates a very interactive dog toy that is festive and meaningful while still being entertaining for your dog.


How to Make the Festive Season Special For Your Dog


For many Jewish families, Hanukkah is the most important celebration of the year since it is full of so many traditions. Because of this, you most likely want to include your dog since they are part of your family. This can feel a bit difficult since they can’t necessarily understand what is going on, but there are a few ways you can make sure they still feel included.


Include Dog-Friendly Activities


There are many activities people enjoy during the eight days of Hanukkah, depending on your family and your particular traditions. One way to make sure your dog feels included is to try to incorporate dog-friendly activities.


Some areas have Hanukkah celebrations that allow pets to attend or even have pet-themed parades. This is a great way to get your pet out of the house and allow them to interact with other people who are celebrating. You can also include your dog in traditional Hanukkah games such as Spin the Dreidel.


You can also buy your dog some Hanukkah-inspired gifts and treats and wrap them up so that they can open their presents with everyone else.


Celebrate at Home


Depending on how your family celebrates Hanukkah, you may spend a lot of time out and about at different gatherings and social events. As fun as this is, it is not ideal for including your dog in the celebration. That is why it is sometimes best to do most of your celebrating at home so that your dog is included.


You can do this by planning family activities at home where your dog can play an important part. Or you could host Hanukkah celebrations at your house so that you do not have to leave your dog on their own.




Get Together With Other Dog Owners


If you know of other Jewish families celebrating Hanukkah who have dogs, you could get together with them so that both of your dogs are included. This is an excellent option if you don’t necessarily feel comfortable bringing your dog with you to other social events.


Planning special dog-friendly gatherings not only includes the dogs but also allows them to socialize with one another and have playtime.


Treat Them With Hanukkah Food


Many traditional Hanukkah foods are quite fatty and fried, which is not ideal for your dog. If you still want your dog to enjoy some traditional Hanukkah foods, you can create dog-safe options instead.


Instead of serving your dog latkes like the rest of the family, you can give them some baked sweet potato as a replacement. You can also order or bake your dog their own version of traditional Hanukkah cookies so that they don’t miss out on dessert. For the main course, which is often brisket for most Jewish families, you can set aside a portion for your dog that is unseasoned for them to enjoy.


No matter what traditions you have from December 7th through the 15th, there are plenty of ways you can include your dog. You can find a variety of dog treats and gifts that are perfect for this important celebration at the end of the year.


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