5 Dog Behaviors Explained! What Makes Your Dog Tick?

Did you know dogs have been our favorite sidekicks for over 30,000 years? They’ve been our hunting partners and companions for millennia and we still uncover the secrets to their behaviors every day. Beefing up your dog knowledge by reading about explained dog behaviors helps fortify communication and bonding with your furry pal.

Any dog parent can remember a time when they thought to themself “What is going through that dog’s brain? Why is he doing that?” Look at our list of explained dog behaviors to answer some of those questions that gnaw at your brain!




It’s frustrating to find your dog volunteered to help in your yard, but made a mess of your flower beds! There’s more to explaining dog behaviors than instinct. If your dog is the competitive and possessive type, they’re hiding a precious treat or favorite toy.


Another explanation for your dog’s behavior is trying to stay cool in summer weather. Pigs aren’t the only animals that roll in the mud to keep cool! If your dog is constantly digging holes to cool off, bring them inside. Or you can follow this dog shelter’s lead and set up a dog misting system while they’re outdoors!


Staying cool or boredom can explain your dog’s digging behaviors!


The last explanation for your dog’s behavior could be separation anxiety and boredom. Your pupper might need more stimulation than watching cars go by and birdwatching. It’s natural for dogs to feel lonely when all their pack members are gone. Tiring them out with a walk, intense play (like fetch), and mental stimulation can make them feel at ease before you leave the house.


Head Pressing

Before knowing the explanation for this dog behavior, you might find it funny. It can seem harmless and strange to find your canine companion pressing their head against the wall, but it’s a sign of something serious.


Look for any change in behavior like discomfort, loss of balance or coordination, blindness, seizures, or compulsive tail chasing. Strokes, an infection in the nervous system, brain injury, doggie dementia, inflammation in the brain, and tumors are usually the explanation for this dog behavior.



white fluffy dog in grass

If your dog is “head pressing” call your vet immediately.



A small dog leaning on their human pack member is endearing, but if your large breed dog thinks they’re a lap dog, it can be overwhelming! The explanation behind your dog’s behavior is a good thing. To be squished is to be loved!


Dogs can’t hug you, but they can still cuddle!


That’s right, when your dog leans on you they’re showing affection. Hugging is an ape (remember humans are apes, too) behavior, but leaning is the dog version of a hug. If you have a clingy insecure dog, leaning can also be a sign of anxiety.


If the explanation for your dog’s behavior is a lack of confidence, reinforcing their confident behavior with homemade treats or something tasty from our Peanut Butter Bundles will help!


cattle dog standing on rock with owner

When your dog leans into you, it’s a behavior of affection.



Watching a dog run zoomies through the house is one of the funniest things to watch after a long day at work. But do you know the explanation for this dog behavior? You’re doing a great job as a dog parent because it means your pup is brimming with joy!


Healthy, happy, excited dogs get the zoomies. Their energy builds up and releases it in a rambunctious run through the room. If your fur baby is the size of a mini horse, or built like a bulldozer, protect your shins and pick up any toddlers that might get knocked down!


white dog jumping in air

Zoomies are a dog behavior that releases built-up energy.


Sharing Toys

Sharing is caring, and your pup is trying to pass on the good vibes! You’ve taught your doggo friend well and they’re being generous with their favorite things. It may not always be a toy, they might share their slimy bone or a stinky sock, but it’s an act of love.


The other explanation for this dog behavior is asking for a round of fetch. Or your pup is asking to chase them! This is a perfect opportunity for refresher lessons on basic commands like “leave it” and practice deescalating possessive behaviors.




Explained Dog Behaviors Give a Peak At Your Dog’s Brain

You can tell a lot about your furry friend’s health and mood when you know the explanation for your dog’s behavior. Identifying a dog’s behavior as a sign of illness can put your pup on the right track to treatment. If your dog has the zoomies or shares their toys, just keep doing what works because it’s a sign your dog is loving life!


black and white collie dog chasing a tennis ball on pavement

Sharing toys is a social and loving dog behavior.


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