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Is Doggie Daycare Right For Your Dog? Check Out These Benefits!

Does your furry best friend have the zoomies and their energy level seems to have no end in sight? Or maybe you're going back to the office and want your pup to have the social life they deserve. If you’re worried about your dog getting the exercise they need or getting lonely during the day, your pooch could benefit from doggie daycare!

Running laps, sunbathing, and hanging out with their best friend–sounds like a day any human would love, but it could be an everyday reality for your pup. That’s only some of the fun and benefits your pup could enjoy at doggie daycare, but there are perks for dog parents, too!


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No Doggie Blues!


Being social animals, dogs need to hang out with pals. Many dogs tolerate spending long periods alone, but socializing is vital to a dog’s health.

dogs pouncing at the park daycareOne of the many benefits of doggie daycare is preventing boredom and a sedentary lifestyle. Playing with other dogs fills your furry friend’s day with mental and physical stimulation needed to keep healthy and prevent destructive behaviors.

When staying at home, a dog can only be occupied for so long. Stuffing toys with their favorite treats or playing with puzzle toys keeps your pooch’s interest for only a short ‌time. Being alone for 8+ hours with little to do can be taxing on a doggie’s brain, health, and mood. Your dog will benefit from the possibility of making a new four-legged friend of their own at doggie daycare!




Dogs Benefit from an Opportunity to Explore at Doggie Daycare


Lots of dogs enjoy traveling and getting to see unknown places with unfamiliar smells, new toys, and plenty of friends to choose from. Your pup will benefit from doggie daycare by getting out of the house to spend time in an environment that caters to doggie needs.


Imagine being an extrovert and spending most of your time indoors alone. Sounds pretty boring, right? It’s a dull routine for a social animal like your pup, too. Doggie daycare can provide your furry buddy with benefits like a change of scenery and stimulation every dog needs.


No Worries When Working Late!


Not every dog parent has a job with a set schedule or works late hours, but that’s okay because a lot of doggie daycares have flexible hours to fit your schedule. Maybe you have a long social event that will leave your furbaby alone for an extended period. 

Having peace of mind knowing your dog isn’t bored alone and in excellent hands is one less thing to worry about. The flexibility to pick your pup up late in the evening while your dog gets to enjoy hanging out is a win-win benefit of doggie daycare!


Chase the Separation Anxiety Away


Coping with separation anxiety is a common experience among dogs and dog owners. It’s tough to leave your dog alone, and it’s even more distressing for your little buddy. Dogs with separation anxiety can benefit from socializing, exercise, and mental stimulation of doggie daycare.


Instead of spending hours missing you and chewing up furniture, your pooch will have the structure and stimulation they’re craving when you’re away. The exercise and care they get from staff members will help ease their anxious energy.


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Rover Needs Routine


Do you ever notice how your dog follows you around just before dinnertime? Or maybe your pup even begs when they’re ready for supper? Has your dog ever waited by the back door waiting for their small human friends to come home from school? That’s because they know your routine like to stick to it and benefit from structure (even though they don’t know it!).


Keeping to a routine has a domino effect in a dog’s life. Waking up, eating, exercising, and bathroom breaks all contribute to your dog’s overall health. While at doggie daycare, your pup will benefit from regular potty breaks and exercise, which helps with mobility, weight, and digestion.


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All the Scratches, Belly Rubs, and Cuddles They Can Handle


Doggie daycare isn’t only about four-legged friendships, they get to have human companionship, too! If your furry friend is an affectionate cuddler, they will still get all the ear scratches and pats they’re used to getting at home.


Staff at doggie daycares love canines as much as any dog parent. They have no problem with belly rub sessions and being on the receiving end of puppy kisses! At doggie daycare, your dog will benefit from all the love they get regularly, and then some more!


Is Doggie Daycare Right for Your Dog?


Dillydallying with other doggo friends and a showering of affection sounds like an ideal day for any dog. Unfortunately, not all dogs benefit from doggie daycare. Before you sign your dog up for daycare, take a few things into consideration.


Does your pup have special needs or recovering from an injury? Depending on the facility, the doggie daycare staff might not ‌have the means to provide the care your pup needs. If other dogs overwhelm your dog, especially in high-energy environments, doggie daycare will not be a good fit for your furbaby.


Any incidents of dog or human aggression will put staff and other dogs in a risky situation. In that case, your pup shouldn’t be in doggie daycare.


To determine if doggie daycare is right for your dog, staff will screen your pooch to see if their behavior fits in with a daycare setting. If your dog doesn’t pass the assessment, it isn’t a judegment against your dog. Some dogs don’t like to be in certain environments and thrive better where they’re comfortable.


Choose What Works for Your Dog


Your dog can benefit from doggie daycare in a variety of ways and can even give you some peace of mind knowing your furbaby is happy and safe while you’re at work. Choose a doggie daycare that has an excellent reputation and services. You don’t have to break the bank to find a worthy daycare, there are plenty of affordable ones out there.


Many doggie daycares have grooming, boarding, training, and even give a report about how your pup behaved while you were away. Do your research and find a daycare that both you and your dog are comfortable with.


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