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Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs: 5 Things to Do On Hot Days

Are record-breaking summer temperatures keeping you and your doggo cooped up indoors? Of course trading a long walk for some fun indoor activities and exercise may not be ideal, but it does keep your dog’s little paws safe from burning on hot pavement or overheating.

Staying inside doesn’t have to be a bummer. There are plenty of fun things to do inside; you just have to get a little creative! So, what kinds of fun indoor activities with dogs that you can do to beat the heat?

Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs


You’re only limited by your imagination! Here are five fun things you can do with your dog indoors:


1. An Old Fashioned Game of Hide and Seek


If swimming or a trip to the indoor dog park isn’t an option, fun indoor activities are the next best alternative. Sometimes going back to basics can be the most fun.


When’s the last time you played hide and seek? It can be just as much fun for you as it is for your dog. If your dog knows their basic commands, “sit” and “stay”, it won’t take them long to learn how this activity works.


Is your pooch getting a little frustrated while looking for you? Give them some hints! In this case, making a slight noise can lead them in your direction. Or leave a trail of our peanut butter treats beforehand!


2. Fun Indoor Enrichment Activity like a Cardboard Hunt


You can help the planet and make an enrichment toy for your dog at the same time with this fun indoor activity! You only need a few items for this DIY version of a snuffle mat!


If you’re on the internet, chances are you probably shop online as well (you’re on doggiebeerbones.com, after all!), and you likely have a few cardboard boxes lying around.


You’ll also need treats and hand towels or rags. Newspapers or even the packing paper from the original package can also get the job done.


Place your chosen material in the box and toss some treats in as well. This activity encourages your dog to do one of the things they do best—sniff! This simple activity for your dog can help curb boredom, alleviate stress, and stimulate their foraging instincts.


3. Have Fun Indoors Learning New Tricks


Learning new tricks and brushing up on old tricks is a perfect indoor activity for your dog to stay engaged and occupied. There are online dog training courses for dogs at every learning level!


Teaching your pup to fetch a treat and pick up their toys is a win-win situation! Check out this instructional video on how to teach your dog to put his toys away.

Fun Indoor Activities for Dogs


4. Try a Fun Agility Activity like an Obstacle Course


Obstacle courses can provide mental and physical exercise in a limited space. Adding maneuvering and problem solving of an obstacle course adds a spin on an otherwise ordinary game of fetch.


Stairs in your house are a bonus addition to your course. Use couches, pillows, boxes, and blankets to create tunnels. You may have to teach your dog how to run the course, but that can be an engaging and fun indoor activity for the both of you!


Activities for Dogs


5. Test Your Pooch’s Wits with the Shell Game


Another indoor activity for your dog that triggers their foraging and problem-solving abilities is the shell game. You’ll need three cups or containers and treats.


This familiar game was once played with walnut shells. Invert all the cups, let your dog watch you place the treat under one of the cups, mix them around, and let your dog choose the cup with the treat. If they choose correctly, they get the treat!


There Are Still Fun Activities to Do Indoors!


In short, you can always find something to do indoors that’s fun for you and your pup. Whether you’re reviewing old tricks, teaching new ones, or indulging your dog’s canine behaviors, there are still fun indoor activities for your dog.


Need to stock up on treats for your indoor fun? Our Peanut Butter Bundle has the perfect treats for all the indoor activities you have planned! Whether your dog loves soft-baked or crunchy treats, we have something tasty for every dog.


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