The Ultimate Guide to Safe Pet Relocation

Moving to a new state is stressful enough without worrying about how our furry friends will handle the transition. Just like humans, pets can experience anxiety and stress when it comes to big life changes like pet relocation. 


It is very important to try to make this transition as stress-free as possible for your pets. With the right preparation and attention, moving your pets to a new state can be done smoothly and safely. 


Keep reading to find out how to relocate your pets without distressing them in the process!


Research the New State’s Pet Regulations


Before anything else, it’s vital to research the pet regulations of the state you are moving to. While some states are more relaxed, others have strict rules, especially for certain types of pets. 


For example, some states require pet owners to register their pets, while others mandate specific vaccinations. Check with the state’s Department of Agriculture or its equivalent to understand its pet laws.


This will help you to start off on the right foot when handling such a big step in your life.


Visit Your Vet for One Last Check-Up


The next crucial step is to visit your pet’s vet for one last check-up before the move. During the appointment, make sure to ask for any necessary paperwork required by the new state’s pet regulations. 


If your pet is on medication, ask for a sufficient supply to tide you over until you can find a new vet in your new location. Additionally, you can also ask your dog’s vet for any advice, such as ways to ensure smooth travel and minimize stressors for your pet.


Update ID Tags


As a pet owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and chaos of moving. But one important detail that you cannot overlook is updating your pet’s ID tags.


Your furry friend’s safety and security should always be a top priority, and having updated contact information on their tags can make all the difference in case of an emergency. So, take a moment to double-check that your pet’s tags are current and reflect your new address and contact information.


Even if nothing happens to your pet, this will give you some much-needed peace of mind.



Check Airline Regulations for Pet Relocation


Flying with your furry friend can be an exciting adventure, but it’s important to check airline regulations before taking off. With so many different policies in place, it can be tough to keep track of all the rules and restrictions. 


However, staying compliant is crucial for ensuring a safe and legal trip. For example, many airlines require a health certificate from a vet within ten days of departure. 


Additionally, some carriers have specific breed or size restrictions for pets in the cabin or cargo area. To avoid any surprises, it’s essential to do your research and book accordingly. 


Keeping your pet in the cabin with you can help reduce their stress levels and ensure a more comfortable journey for everyone involved. It also guarantees that they will be cared for throughout the flight.


If your pet will stay with you, make sure you have brought everything they need. If they are anxious, try giving them some CBD Soft-Baked Dog Treats to help them calm down and rest.


Keeping your dog calm during the flight will need to be your top priority when traveling by plane.


Don’t Add to Your Pets Stress


Why not get ahead of the game and start reducing your stress levels before the move? By taking proactive steps, you can help reduce the amount of stress your pet is exposed to during the transition. 


One way to do this is by hiring professional movers or recruiting friends and family to help with the move. This can alleviate the physical and emotional burden on you, which can ultimately reduce your pet’s stress levels. 


Whether you realize it or not, your dog feeds off of your emotions. They can sense when you are feeling anxious and this will make them anxious as well.


Another helpful tip is to find pet-friendly accommodations in your new state before the move. This not only ensures your pet’s comfort but also gives you peace of mind since they have a safe place to go to. 


By managing your stress, you can help create a smoother pet relocation experience for both you and your furry companion.



Acclimate Your Pet


Traveling with pets can be stressful for you and your furry companion. However, with a little bit of preparation and patience, you can make the experience much more enjoyable for both of you. 


One of the most important things you can do is acclimate your pet to its carrier. This is particularly important if you’re traveling by air or car, as this is where they will be during the bulk of the trip. 


To make your pet feel more comfortable in its carrier, consider placing its favorite blanket or toy inside. This will help create a familiar and welcoming environment.


Additionally, taking shorter trips in the carrier before the big move can help ease your pet’s nerves and make them more relaxed during the journey. Try to make their carrier something that symbolizes positive things that they enjoy.


For instance, you could always give them CBD Peanut Butter every time they walk into their carrier on their own. This creates positive reinforcement that will help to take away some of that fear during the pet relocation process.


Pack Familiar Items to Comfort Your Pet


Moving can be a stressful time, not just for humans, but for pets too. It’s important to remember that our furry companions require a little extra TLC during times of change. 


One way to ease the burden and help our pets feel more comfortable during the move is to pack their familiar items. The scent of home can be comforting, and having their bed, toys, and blankets close at hand can help mitigate any separation anxiety they might feel. 


You could also give your dog one of your blankets or articles of clothing. Oftentimes, dogs will find the scent of their owner more comforting than anything else.


It’s a small but important gesture that can mean the world to our pets as they navigate a new environment. 


Try to Keep a Consistent Routine


As pet owners, we all know how much our furry friends rely on routine to feel safe and secure. Moving can be a challenging time for them, but there are ways to help maintain a sense of normalcy during this transition. 


One innovative approach is to continue their usual feeding times, walks, and playtime as much as possible. This will not only help your pet stay relaxed but also prevent any unnecessary disruptions in their behavior during pet relocation. 


You can also set aside time every day when you cuddle with them or play. This creates something to look forward to and helps ease any stress they felt throughout the day.


Remember, even the smallest efforts can go a long way in comforting your pet, making the move less stressful for both of you.


Adjust Them to the New Location


When you finally do get to your final destination, this is also a difficult adjustment for your pet. Entering a new home or apartment can be just as stressful as the trip itself.


Because of this, you want to take things slow and give your dog time to adjust to this new space. Try to set aside 30 minutes to an hour to allow for this without feeling like you are rushing.


Bring your dog into the new space along with some of their special items. Things like blankets and toys carry their scent and help them to feel at home amid all of these new scents.


Sit on the floor with them and give them time to run around and explore without being interrupted. Once they have had a look around, your dog will most likely come back to you for some comforting cuddles.


Give Them Time to Get Settled


After moving, you may have all kinds of plans arranged for your new space. But it is important to remember that this is still a very scary time for your dog as they are still adjusting.


For at least a week after settling into your new home, it is best not to have any visitors over whom they do not know. This only introduces more new things to them, potentially stressing them out even more.


It is also important to try to maintain their routine even as you are getting your home ready. Create a nice space for your dog with all of their favorite things, including their food and water.


This will give them a place to touch base if they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.


Above everything else, it is important to remember that dogs react differently when it comes to changes in life. The most important thing you can do to help your pet is stay patient with them and try to be understanding.


Are you looking for ways to keep your dog calm during pet relocation during a big move? Try the Lou Dog CBD Bites to keep your dog naturally calm.


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