Stay Safe This Season with These Summer Pet Safety Tips!

For those of us that love summer weather we want to bring our furry friends along for the fun. Even your canine companion deserves a vacation and to take part in the seasonal activities. If you’re going to spend long days in the sun, you’ll need some summer pet safety tips.

Higher temperatures pose higher risks for your pup. Overheating, ticks, infections are a few dangers, but don’t let those concerns prevent you and your dog from enjoying your summer. Read on for some pet safety tips to help you out this summer!


safety tips for pets

                                  You can still have fun and stay safe in the summer!



Pet Safety Tip #1: Have Some Fun Indoors

There’s nothing wrong with having a day full of low key fun indoors with your furry family members. Considering asphalt can reach 115° when it’s barely 80° outside, playing indoors is a better alternative to blistered doggy feet!


Brushing up on old tricks, learning some new ones, and playing dog-friendly puzzle games can beat boredom during hot days. If your dog likes to lay on the couch and watch the tube with you, DOGTV and other dog related Youtube channels might pique their interest. Scheduling an indoor play date with other canine friends can get their social and physical enrichment. Keep this pet safety tip in mind when the heat gets to be too much.


indoor games

                                    Indoor play dates and games can help beat the heat.



Pet Safety Tip #2: Run Errands Solo

Leaving your dog in a hot car is one of the first pet safety tips you will learn. It seems like an easy tip to understand, but people underestimate how fast a car heats up. A dog can die of heatstroke in less than 10 minutes in a hot car with the windows rolled down. Even if it’s 70°F outside, the inside of a car can reach 100°F in a matter of minutes. 


Another summer pet safety tip is knowing the signs of heatstroke. In the unfortunate case of your dog having heat stroke, here’s what to spot:


  • Excessive and rapid panting
  • Dehydration, dry nose, and sluggish appearance
  • Thick drool
  • Discolored gums
  • Rapid pulse
  • Diarrhea 
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness


If you think your dog has heatstroke, immediately take them to a cooler area. Wet them with cool water. Using ice cold water can lower their temperature too fast and cause complications. If your dog is a smaller breed, lukewarm water is best.


pet safety tips

                                    Avoid heat stroke and keep your dog hydrated.


Wet their paws and around their ears, lay them in front of a fan, and call your vet immediately. If your pup seems out of it and losing consciousness, take them to an emergency vet right away.


Pet Safety Tip #3: Keep An Eye Out Around The Pool

Poolside is where many people and their pets like to be during warm weather, but not all dogs are good swimmers! Buying your furry friend a life jacket is a summer pet safety tip that could save their life. When you look for a dog life jacket there are a few things to look for:


  • Top handle: to lift your dog to safety or help them get onto a boat
  • More flotation material: depending on your dog’s size and shape, they’ll need more help floating
  • Bright colors with reflective strips: spotting your dog quickly can help in an emergency and make your dog visible to other boaters and swimmers


                                       Monitor your dog when playing near swimming pools.



Keep this pet safety tip in mind when taking your pup along for a dip! Some dogs are unsure of the water and tire easily. A life jacket can ease their nerves so they have more fun paddling around.


Be Cautious, But Have Fun!

With a few pet safety tips you can keep your dog healthy without sacrificing the summer entertainment. When going out with your favorite canine companion, keep these tips in mind and you’ll have many tons of fun this summer!


White wire hair dog panting and looking off camera while laying down pet safety tip

                             If your dog is severely dehydrated, call your vet immediately.



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