Run to the Shelter and Adopt One of These Best Family Dogs!

Are you wracking your brain trying to decide which breed is the best family dog for your human pack? Still not sure which breed would fit with your lifestyle? Adopting a dog is a rewarding and serious commitment. Welcoming a fur baby into your family on a whim is a recipe for disaster. Researching your options and finding the best family dog is daunting for a first-time dog parent–we understand!

There are a few things to consider when you want to adopt a dog. Some of the best family dogs mesh well with active older children, and some are better suited to be granny’s laid back companion. To help you make the right decision, we’ve made a quick list of the best family dogs!


What Makes the Best Family Dog for Kids?

When figuring out the best family dog for your human pack, take your activity level, location, and size of the dog into consideration. Temperament is extremely important when choosing a furry family member for a toddler. Patient, calm, and loyal breeds are the best family dogs with young children.


If your beloved home is an apartment then large rambunctious dogs, like shepherds, huskies, or boxers, might be too much of a challenge for a baby learning to walk. When balancing work, family, and a social life, a high-energy dog needs more time and attention.


multi-colored dog on leash walking a boardwalk

                                                  The best dog for your family fits your lifestyle.


Depending on your family’s activity level and free time, a high-energy breed might not be the best family dog for you. Older children who love excursions outdoors and long walks will bond with active dog breeds and give your four-legged family member the attention they need.


Some active or working breeds have docile attitudes, but overall it’s a dog-by-dog basis. The same goes for low-energy breeds. You may find an athletic dog that breaks from the breed’s usual behaviors. Getting to know a dog before you embrace them into your family is how you learn about their personality.


Labrador Retriever

When you imagine what the best family dog looks like, the first breed that probably comes to mind is a Labrador retriever. You see them in commercials, movies, dog parks, and might spot a dozen in your own neighborhood.


Labrador Retreiver puppy in green collar sitting on brick paement outdoors

                               Labradors are a popular breed known for their temperament.


Labrador retrievers, or labs, are one of the best family dogs because their temperament and energy level is good for nearly any family. But, since they’re a large breed, they need enough room to play and burn off energy. They’re fun-loving, patient, and get along with most animals.


German Shepherd

If you want a loyal companion, that’s one of the smartest breeds that keeps you company outdoors, a German Shepherd might be the best family dog for you. Along with thorough training, German Shepherds need ample opportunities for physical and mental exercise. Bored dogs pass the time–and you might not like their choice of entertainment!


two german shephards running down a trail

                                 German Shepherds need physical and mental exercise.


When you adopt a young German Shepherd, they develop a strong bond with your children. They’re a perfect breed for children of any age. They’re also one of the best family dogs if you’re looking for a canine that can double as a guard dog.



A small, intelligent, and pack-loving dog might be your speed. Look no further than the dachshund! Their low-energy, playful dogs that are perfect for older children that want a cuddle buddy on movie nights.

A daschund with a collar looking at camera

                        Daschunds are great companion dogs and are good for older kids.


They’re one of the best family dogs for kids that understand boundaries and personal space. Because they’re a small breed, some dachshunds tend to resource guard, but training helps establish communication and trust. Dachshunds are low-energy dogs, but still need lots of pets and snuggles.


Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are one of the best family dogs because they’re a happy medium in lifestyle, size, and temperament. They’re small and gentle enough for young children, active enough for older children, they live comfortably in any size home, and most love the outdoors.


Boston Terrier standing outside while on leash

                                     Boston Terriers are comfortable in any sized home.



They’re very social and need training early to reinforce good manners. They can be rambunctious. With the consistent training and exercise, they’re still a good pick for young kids.


Don’t Forget Mixed Breeds! They’ll Steal Your Heart, Too!

You don’t have to adopt a designer breed to have the best family dog for your human pack. Mixed breeds usually have fewer health problems. When you adopt from a shelter, they already know the dog’s personality and lifestyle needs. Rescuing a dog can make your decision a little easier!


Black dog with cropped ears laying on blanket outside with small child

                                    Mixed-breed dogs are prized furry family members, too!


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