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Are Calming Treats For Dogs Suitable If My Dog Is On a Diet?

Are you using calming treats for dogs? If so, you may be wondering if these treats are a good option if your dog is currently on a diet.


It is very easy for dogs to become overweight depending on what they are eating when it comes to dog food and treats. Because of this, it is not uncommon for dogs to need to go on a diet for a period of time.


If your dog is on a diet, here’s everything you need to know about calming treats for dogs and calorie intake.


Are Treats Ruining Your Dog’s Diet?


A lot of dog owners worry about their dog’s weight and whether or not they are healthy. This is a good thing to keep an eye on since it is easy for domesticated pets to become overweight.


A lot of dog food on the market is not of the highest quality when it comes to nutrition. Because of this, your dog may be eating more calories than they need without feeling completely satisfied.


Many dog owners enjoy treating their dogs with special foods as a way of rewarding them. You may give them calming treats for dogs or different kinds of human food.


Experts recommend that treats shouldn’t make up any more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. This can be a bit hard to estimate since it depends on your dog’s weight.


For example, if your dog weighs 40 pounds, it should be eating a little over 600 calories a day. So when it comes down to dog treats, their treats shouldn’t go over 60 calories a day.


If this is something that you are confused about, you can also contact your pet’s vet. They should be able to give you a ballpark range for a healthy amount of treats.


This is why it is not always the best idea to feed your dog people food even if it is healthy. You can’t track the calories as easily as you could if you were using healthier dog treat options.


calming treats for dogs


What Dog Treats to Avoid


Just like dog food, not every kind of dog treat is going to be ideal for a dog’s diet. There are many calming treats for dogs on the market, but they are made with a variety of recipes.


It is important that you choose treats that are healthier and don’t contain as many calories. To evaluate the best treats, you need to consider what ingredients you should avoid.




All dog products are usually going to contain some kind of preservative so that they stay edible. But you want to keep an eye out for synthetic preservatives meant to extend the shelf life.


Many of these preservatives are very unhealthy for dogs to consume regularly. Some have even been banned for human consumption, showing just how toxic they are.


Some examples of synthetic preservatives include BHA/BHT & TBHQ.




The majority of calming treats for dogs on the market have similar ingredients. But some lower-quality brands tend to add filler ingredients for bulk.


Filler ingredients are used to make production cheaper and reduce the number of high-quality ingredients used. This is not good for your pet since it lowers its nutritional value.


This means that your dog will be consuming more calories without any real nutritional benefits. There are also some filler ingredients dangerous for dogs that have a variety of side effects.


Examples of fillers you want to avoid include things like cereal byproducts, corn bran, and rice bran. A lot of gluten products are used as fillers but are not healthy for pets.


calming treats for dogs




As surprising as it may seem, a lot of human ingredients make their way into pet products. For instance, you may see refined or artificial sweeteners included in pet treats.


Refined sugar may be appealing to your dog, but it is not healthy for their diet. It can also become addictive, resulting in your dogs craving sugary treats even more.


Artificial sweeteners can also be harmful and come with different side effects for your dog. Some ingredients to look out for include things like fructose, sugar, and corn syrup.


Animal Byproducts


There are more filler ingredients dog owners should be aware of when buying treats. Another example falls under the category of animal byproducts.


This filler ingredient is exactly what it sounds like, leftover animal products from slaughter. This may not sound bad at first, but there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to this ingredient.


The animal byproducts could come from euthanized animals or animals that died from diseases. This is not healthy for your dog and could result in them becoming sick.


Animal byproducts can also include fillers not meant for your dog to consume. This could include things like hooves, feathers, and beaks, which your dog’s digestive tract can’t break down.




There are a lot of ingredients dogs and humans both need to limit. Your dog’s diet should contain very minimal traces of sodium as this has many side effects.


Excess sodium is not healthy for dogs and can raise their blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease. As a general rule, dog treats should not have any added sodium that has been added for flavor.


 You have to consider the fact that your dog’s food probably has sodium as well.


Artificial Dyes


Silly as it is, a lot of brands try to make dog food and treats more visually appealing. This is usually done for the sake of the owner, not the actual dog.


The problem with this is that artificial dyes are harmful to your pet, especially in large amounts. They contain no nutritional value and could lead to health issues later on down the road.


That is why it is better to choose dog treats with no dye added or made with natural dyes.

calming treats



Why Choose Calming Treats For Dogs?


Now that you know what to avoid, why are calming treats for dogs the best option? When you are giving your dog treats, you want to make sure they add to your dog’s diet in a positive way.


Treats shouldn’t just add unnecessary calories that make it harder to manage your dog’s weight. Here are some examples of the benefits you get when using calming treats for dogs instead.


Nutritious Ingredients


High-quality calming dog treats are usually made with good-quality ingredients that add nutrition. An example of this is the CBD Bacon Dog Treats from Doggie Beer Bones.


These treats include ocean fish meal, brewers yeast, pumpkin, and carrot. They rely on simple and pure ingredients that are entirely grain-free.


Wholesome ingredients add nutritional value, making them more suitable even if your dog is cutting calories.


Therapeutic Effects


Calming dog treats are usually made with CBD oil to create that calming effect. A lot of research has been done on CBD for pets, showing many useful benefits.


This often has a therapeutic effect on dogs, reducing stress and anxiety. This is perfect if your dog is high-strung and has a tendency to become stressed or overwhelmed easily.


CBD is a much gentler option than having your dog prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. There are fewer side effects, and a treat is much more enjoyable to eat than a pill.


treats for dogs


Perfect For Prevention


Most people give their dogs treats as a way of praising their dog for good behavior. But calming treats for dogs have a much broader range of uses.


CBD treats can be used for prevention if you know your dog is going to become stressed. For instance, you may be traveling by car or airplane, and you want your dog to stay calm.


Or it may be the 4th of July, and there are going to be fireworks going off in your neighborhood. You can give your dog CBD treats to calm them down and help them sleep throughout this stressful event.


How Often Should Your Dog Get Treats?


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to giving your dog treats. The main thing you need to focus on is making sure the calorie intake does not go above 10% of your dog’s daily diet.


It is usually best to not give your dog too many treats as they will start to expect this. This can encourage begging, which is not something you want to reward in your pet.


Treats are ideal if you are training your dog or if they have behaved well. You can also give your dog a mid-day treat as something special that they can look forward to.


If you find that you are giving your dog a lot of treats, you could always break them up. Soft dog treats are perfect for this, allowing you to treat your dog more without overfeeding them when it comes to calories.


If your vet has created a diet plan for your dog, make sure they include their dog treats as well. 


Do you still want to treat your dog even if they are on a diet? The best option is to give your dog Grain-Free Soft-Baked Dog Treats that have actual nutritional value.

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