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Pet Parent To-Do List For Healthy Dogs: Autumn Edition

Autumn is a wonderful time that many pet parents enjoy, but it does come with a change in routine. To have healthy dogs, you need to make sure you are adapting their routine and care depending on their surroundings.


With autumn comes a change in temperature and foliage, which has a direct impact on your dog’s lifestyle. There are also a lot of new things that go on during autumn that impact your life, so they directly affect your pets as well.


In this article, we will be discussing how you can make sure you keep your dog healthy during this time of the year.


Prepare Your Dog For the Change In Temperature


Healthy dogs love to spend time outside, which is why summer is usually the prime time for dogs and their owners. But autumn is also a great time to spend time outside, especially if you and your dog don’t enjoy the heat.


But it is crucial that you are prepared for the change in temperature, especially if you live somewhere where it gets very cold. Like you, your dog is vulnerable to the temperature, and you need to make sure you keep them warm during the season.


For dogs that don’t have a thick coat, this may mean investing in some doggy fashion pieces for when they are outside. You will also want to be more aware of the temperature so that they aren’t outside for so long that they become cold.


The good news is that activities like walking and playing outside help to heat your dog up so they can still enjoy these active forms of entertainment. If your dog does not enjoy the cold and is resistant to going outside, try tempting them with some Grain-Free Bacon Dog Treats to show them that it isn’t so bad!


Depending on your breed of dog, you may also want to adapt their grooming routine. For dogs that have long coats that shed, they won’t be shedding quite as frequently, so they won’t need as much grooming. This means that you can reduce how often your dog is shaved since you want them to have their full coat for the cold weather.


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Get Their Outdoor Areas Ready


Even though autumn is a great time to play outside, it does come with some safety concerns for dog owners. One consideration to keep in mind is that acorns and other types of tree nuts are toxic to your dog if they are ingested. Autumn is the season when these nuts fall and litter the ground, creating the perfect hazard for your pet.


If you live near any of these trees, keep an eye out for fallen nuts and make sure your dog doesn’t get a hold of them. If your dog enjoys eating things outside, you also want to be very careful when it comes to fallen leaves.


Some types of tree leaves are toxic, and the majority of leaves are not good for your dog when eaten in large amounts. You also want to be extra careful when you walk your dog around since this is the time of year when people are using antifreeze in their vehicles.


Another very common concern is all of the different species of mushrooms that pop up once autumn weather hits. Most forms of fungi are toxic to dogs, so you want to be extra careful if you notice any areas where these are growing.


Several times a month, you should look around outdoor areas where your dog spends time to remove any safety concerns.


Schedule a Vet Appointment


With the chilly weather of autumn comes aches and pains for dogs that have joint issues. Because of this, it is always a good idea to schedule a vet appointment to have your dog looked over to check for any problems.


Your vet may have some recommendations that can help you keep your dog feeling more comfortable during the colder weather. This is also a good precautionary measure for even the healthiest dogs just to make sure everything is looking good.


For dogs that are on a weight management diet, your vet may recommend decreasing your dog’s food or changing it. Dogs are often a bit less active during cold weather, so they will be burning fewer calories.


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Don’t Forget About Ticks


If you live in an area with ticks, you may think that your worries are over for now. But the reality is that ticks can still be found during the fall months and may even become worse.


With so much fall foliage lying on the ground, this creates the perfect environment for ticks to hide. That is why you need to make sure you continue using tick repellent and check your dog after they have spent some time outdoors.


Bathing your dog regularly is also a great way to make sure there aren’t any ticks that have gone unnoticed.


Find New Outdoor Activities


You and your dog are probably going to have different routines now that the weather has changed. You may not be able to do certain outdoor activities, but now there are plenty of opportunities to try other forms of exercise and entertainment.


Autumn is a great time to take your dog for long walks around your neighborhood or nearby parks. It is also a great time to spend more time in your own backyard playing with your dog in a familiar environment.


Just make sure you are prepared to clean up your dog before going indoors since they may have walked through puddles and mud.


Spice Up Their Diet


Dogs tend to be very easy eaters since they would happily gobble up anything you put in front of them. But that doesn’t mean that your dog’s diet has to be boring when it comes to the festive times of year.


You can spice your dog’s diet up by adding seasonal foods that are dog-friendly and have health benefits. Some examples of this include things like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples.


Not only are these seasonal foods that are easily accessible, they are healthy and provide plenty of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Just make sure you do your research before feeding your dog any kind of new food and always start with a tiny dose.


Don’t forget to regularly encourage your dog to drink water throughout the day so that they stay hydrated. This is a habit many dog owners have during summer, but it is just as important during other times of the year.

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Prepare For the Holidays


Autumn is the season of two major holidays that many people celebrate. Because of this, you need to plan ahead for these holidays to figure out where your dog fits into these plans.


Ideally, it is always best if you can spend holidays with your dog so that they don’t feel left out or abandoned. But if that isn’t possible, you want to make sure you have plans so that they are taken care of when you aren’t home.


You also want to make plans that will help your dog stay safe during holidays, like Halloween, which can be a little stressful. Some tips for doing this include discouraging trick-or-treaters since they can upset your dog.


It is also important to make sure your dog doesn’t get a hold of any Halloween candy since this can make them sick or act as a choking hazard.


Schedule Doggy Social Time


With the colder weather comes fewer opportunities for your dog to socialize with other dogs. This is often because fewer dog owners are braving the weather to go to the local dog parks.


However, it is important that you maintain your dog’s social schedule so that they don’t feel lonely or bored. You can do this by finding a few dog owners who are willing to create some doggy social dates throughout autumn.



Healthy Dogs: The Importance of Paying Attention to the Seasons


A lot of dog owners may not understand why the seasons have an impact when it comes to healthy dogs. Dogs are a bit more in tune with nature and will be impacted anytime the weather changes throughout the year.


You may need to change their play or exercise routine to adapt to the fickle weather that often comes with autumn. It is also important to keep a better eye on what your dog is doing outside so that they don’t get a hold of something toxic or poisonous.

If you want to prioritize your dog more this autumn, there are some very simple ways to go about doing that. One great option is to spice up their life with some high-quality dog treats like these Grain-Free Pumpkin Treats. Not only are they delicious, but they are healthy and only have the purest and most beneficial ingredients added.

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