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4 Benefits of Having a Dog and Nurturing Furry Friendships

Coming home to wagging tails, sharing meals, and cuddling on the couch are just a few benefits of having a dog. Humans have always been social creatures, and canine companionship has led to the advancement of human evolution. From detecting seizures to finding explosives, the benefits of having a dog help people throughout the globe!

Humans have an abundance of accomplishments that wouldn’t have been possible without the close relationship with dogs. We know you’re passionate dog parents like us and want to know more about the benefits of having a dog. So take a look at our list of reasons your doggie sidekick enriches your life!


Woman with afro and cream colored hoodie holding a small wire haired dog while sitting next to a window sill filled with plants and a sterio.

                                 Lowering stress is a tremendous benefit of having a dog.


The benefits of having a dog are more than just keeping squirrels out of the yard or cleaning spilled food on the kitchen floor …


Stress Reduction

Who doesn’t love being greeted at the door by tippy-taps and wiggle dances after a hard day at work? That instant sensation of comfort and relief is one of the many benefits of having a dog. Experts say having a dog benefits your overall health. Many studies show dogs and other pets lower cortisol levels, blood pressure, and the chance of other debilitating conditions.


Along with lowering physical stress, a benefit of having a dog increases the feeling of safety. Dogs also ease people’s worries about their vulnerability to robbery. A benefit of having a small dog is they’re more likely to sound the alarm when an intruder is near because they’re more vulnerable than larger breeds.



Wire haired dog sitting on hardwood floor looking up while sitting next to a stainless steel fridge.

                                   One benefit of having a dog is decreasing depression.



Decreases Depression

Of course, smiling and laughing will keep the blues away and you can count on four-legged friends to bring tender or goofy moments into your life. A benefit of having a dog is your furry friend will always be around to comfort you. 


Dogs can influence our emotions and petting your dog (or your dog cuddling you and giving you kisses) while you’re sad lowers stress levels. Even the sense of feeling needed by your canine companion has a beneficial effect on your moods.



Woman with dark hair takes a nap with Shiba Inu while resting on a couch and wearing a wool cream colored shawl

                        Some benefits of having a dog dramatically help mobility and safety.



Having a Dog Benefits Disabled People

Needing help to accomplish tasks in an able-bodied world can be hard without a dog’s help. Service dogs can transform people’s lives. For people with chronic illnesses, some benefits of having a dog are better mobility, sensing an oncoming medical crisis, and greater independence.


Domestication and the evolution of dogs intertwined with people made dogs highly perceptive of their human companions. So dogs with special training are perfect helpers for signaling people when they’re about to have a seizure



Establishes Healthy Relationships With Children

Dogs bring people together and encourage socializing. Just look at how we gather at dog parks, competitions, and have festivals for our fur babies! It’s easy to see how love and the benefits of having a dog pass on to younger generations.


Having a dog teaches kids how their actions impact another emotional creature and establishes confidence. In court cases, service dogs lower their anxiety and comforts them during trials. Children with autism also experience the benefits of having a dog. Having a service dog helps them develop stronger social ties and communicate with loved ones.



Little boy with black hair and red sleeved shirt sits outdoors on concreate steps with furry, curly haired dog.

                       Children benefit from having a dog by gaining confidence and empathy.



The Benefits of Having a Dog Makes the World Brighter

Any dog lover can tell you how the love and bond with their furry best friend has changed their life forever. From lowering chances of disease to making life a little safer and easier, the benefits of having a dog create a positive rippling effect in society. The next time you see a dog helping a person or comforting someone, remember that without their help, humans wouldn’t be where we are today!


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