is pumpkin safe for dogs

Is Pumpkin Safe For Dogs?

Autumn is here, and many dog owners are starting to get excited about the turning of the season. If this is you, you may be wondering is pumpkin safe for dogs to consume. This is a very commonly asked question since a lot of dog owners want to know what human foods are dog-friendly.


In this article, we will be covering whether or not pumpkin is safe for your dog to munch on. So, keep reading to find out if your dog can enjoy pumpkin and, if so, what forms of pumpkin are safe.


Is Pumpkin Safe for Dogs?


The good news for dog owners is that pumpkin is a safe food option to feed your dog. In fact, you will find that there is a lot of information out there on feeding your dog this specific type of food.


Unlike many other kinds of human foods, pumpkin actually has many benefits dogs can also enjoy. For instance, pumpkin is high in antioxidants and a berry to carotene as well as potassium and vitamin C. It is full of minerals and vitamins that are good for your dog’s immune system, eye health, and skin health.


The most prevalent benefit of pumpkin for dogs is its ability to help with constipation from its blend of soluble and insoluble fiber. It also acts as a prebiotic that helps to feed the healthy bacteria in your dog’s gut. This is helpful when it comes to colon function and your dog’s immune system.


All of these benefits make pumpkin for dogs a common ingredient in a lot of dog food, treats, and homemade munchies. This is also because pumpkin is very low in calories, making it perfect if you want to control your dog’s weight. Pumpkin is often recommended by veterinarians since it can help regulate your dog’s bowel movements and reduce any anal gland irritation, which is very important!


Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds?


Now that you know the answer to is pumpkin safe for dogs, you may be wondering if your dog can eat pumpkin seeds. The good news is that your dog can even enjoy the crunchier aspect of pumpkins, along with some additional health benefits. But, it is important to remember that these pumpkin seeds should not be raw or roasted with any other seasonings or oils.


Plain roasted pumpkin seeds are rich in omega fatty acids and help your dog with control of their urinary incontinence. Some people believe that pumpkin seeds can also help treat parasites and dislodge kidney stones.


If you decide to give your dog pumpkin seeds, just make sure you are in the room with them and keep an eye out for any issues. You don’t want to risk your dog choking on the pumpkin seeds, which is something that can happen with these types of foods.


pumpkin for dogs


Safety Precautions When Giving Your Dog Pumpkin


Before you give your dog any pumpkin, you want to make sure you are doing this safely. Even though pumpkin is safe for dogs in moderation, you should avoid giving them raw pumpkin to eat. This is not toxic to them, but it can cause digestive issues since pumpkin is tough and challenging to digest. You should only give your dog pumpkin that has been either steamed, roasted, or sautéed with the outer skin removed.


It is also important that you do not overdo it when you are giving your dog pumpkin. It is best to start off with a very small serving of about one teaspoon of pumpkin for every 10 pounds of body weight. So, make sure you weigh your dog before giving them pumpkin since the dose will be very different between breeds.


If you are still nervous about the correct dose, you could give your dog pumpkin treats instead. Our Grain-Free Pumpkin Soft-Baked Dog Treats have the exact amount of pumpkin in the ingredients list, removing any room for concern.


How to Feed Pumpkin to Your Dog


With so many benefits around pumpkin for dogs, you may want to incorporate this ingredient into your dog’s daily diet. If that is the case, there are several ways you can do this that your dog is sure to love.

Pumpkin Puree

One of the easiest ways to feed your dog pumpkin is to use pumpkin purée, which is already cooked and at a safe consistency. But you will need to make sure you are only getting the highest quality canned pumpkin purée with no additives.


It should be ideally organic and not have any added sugar or sodium. You can also scoop small servings of pumpkin purée and freeze them to use as frozen doggy treats throughout the week.


If you are struggling to find a high-quality brand of pumpkin purée, you could always make your own by steaming or boiling a fresh pumpkin. This gives you more control over the ingredients and eliminates the need for any preservatives.


Cooked Pumpkin


If you enjoy consuming some pumpkin dishes, you probably already have a fully stocked kitchen of fresh pumpkins. If that is the case, it is very easy to slip your dog some Home-cooked pumpkin throughout the week.


Make sure you are only feeding your dog plain pumpkin with no additives that also have the skin removed. Cooked pumpkin can easily be stored in the fridge or frozen for later when you may not have fresh pumpkin on hand.


Always make sure you are giving your dog bite-sized pieces of pumpkin to prevent choking. This is especially important for smaller dogs who may struggle to properly chew up larger pieces of food.



dog treats


Pumpkin Dog Treats


By far, the easiest way to feed your dog pumpkin is going to be through pumpkin dog treats. Our Grain-Free Pumpkin Dog Treats are incredibly soft and have brewer’s yeast as one of the main ingredients. But the main ingredient is pumpkin purée, along with a few other dog-friendly ingredients.


Because of their pure ingredients, these treats can be given to your dog 2 to 4 times a day as a special treat or an addition to their everyday dog food.


These treats also contain plenty of essential fatty acids, which are extremely important for heart, skin, coat, and joint health. These are some of the same benefits the brewers yeast has, and the pumpkin adds the addition of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.


This grain-free option is perfect for the majority of dogs since many commercial dog treats contain grain ingredients. Dogs aren’t really meant to consume grains, especially those who already have digestive issues.


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Dog Food With Pumpkin


Besides pumpkin dog treats, you can also find many brands of dog food that contain pumpkin as one of the ingredients. Higher quality dog foods and organic options usually provide this since pumpkin has so many benefits.


This is a great option if you do not have the time to dedicate to making sure your dog is eating pumpkin every day. It can help you give them pumpkin regularly if they have bowel or digestive issues and need the daily fiber content.


No matter what you are feeding your dog, you want to make sure it is high-quality and made with the best dog-friendly ingredients. At Doggy Beer Bones, we prioritize quality and keep our ingredient list short and sweet. If you were looking for more healthy dog treats, try our Bacon Soft-Baked Treats for a more meaty option!




Can I feed my dog pumpkin pie?


With holidays like Thanksgiving just around the corner, it can be tempting to want to include your pup in the festivities. But the reality is that you should not feed your dog pumpkin pie even though they can eat pumpkin. Pumpkin pie is full of additional ingredients like spices, sugar, sodium, and fat that are not good for your dog.


Is pumpkin safe for puppies?


Even the little list of dogs can enjoy some pumpkin as long as you are careful with the dose. If you want to feed a puppy pumpkin, make sure you weigh them so that you can accurately measure how much they should start consuming. 


You will also want to watch them closely to make sure they don’t experience any digestive issues from the pumpkin. Puppies have a more delicate digestive system, so you need to be cautious when experimenting with new ingredients.


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What happens if I give my dog too much pumpkin?


Speaking of digestive issues, pumpkin does have the potential to cause dogs to have diarrhea. This usually happens if the dog is extremely sensitive or if you give them too much pumpkin at one time. The good news is that too large a dose of pumpkin is not going to be toxic, but it will give them an upset tummy.


If you accidentally gave your dog too much pumpkin, encourage them to drink plenty of water and give them plenty of bathroom breaks. If they are doing anything that you find concerning, call up their vet to see what they suggest.


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